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Manzoor Garhi

King’s Garden

New colony is developing near King’s Garden in Manzoor Garhi. The colony is surrounded by a lot of Agricultural and Residential purpose lands. The colony is moderately populated. Mainly houses are built like duplex in this locality. The locality is connected with two main roads i.e. Aligarh Bypass Road and Baraula Bypass Road. If you are interested in buying agriculture lands at best price, Manzoor Garhi is the place for you. You can buy the lands for warehouses, factories and go downs. Not just agriculture lands but if you are looking to purchase residential purpose plots then, several plots with low cost are available for sale. The plots are available at road side and these plots come with boundary and they are three to four sides open. You can also get east facing plots, all these at a very affordable rate.

Buying lands in this locality is very beneficial as the area is filled with facilities such as health centers, mosques, markets, hotels.

Localities in Manzoor Garhi are developing every day, houses and apartments are getting built. A number of plots of large size from 200 square yards to 700 square yards are available. As the area is still settling, the price of the plots are low but ROI is high and they are very valuable for the long term.

Bismillah colony

Bismillah colony is a developing Muslim colony in Manzoor Garhi. Large lands as well as lands for residential purpose are available. You can buy the lands for establishment of a warehouse or for nursery farming. The plots are available at easy installments too.

The area is good for Muslim brothers because of closeness to Mosque, School, Madarsa and Qabristan. The prices of the lands are very cheap and you can get effective deals if you will hurry.

The plots for residential comes with boundary and with two to four sides open. The plots are good for building duplexes (do manzila ghar) and houses.

Aligarh Greens

2BHK, 3BHK and 4 BHK flats are available for sale in newly constructed apartments in Al-Bilal heights and Aligarh greens. Apart from newly built, there are some constructions of new apartments are also going in the society, you can purchase flats in these apartments at a very good price.

If you are interested in building such apartments then there are some similar sizes plots are available too near the site.

In a sub locality of Manzoor Garhi, which is well populated area you can get a number of plots for sale. The area is filled with plantations and trees, the environment is peaceful and good for building your own house. The plots here comes with variety, from east facing plots to plots with boundary and one room constructed on it.