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Alam Bagh

Alam Bagh

Buy semi furnished houses, houses with 4 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. The area of the houses is from 500 sq. yards to 1000 sq. yards. The properties are in main city of Aligarh, there are main roads and railway stations near the houses. The population and area both are well developed.

You get markets, banks and healthcare centers near you. Purchase properties near Shamshad Market, University Farm and Aligarh Club.

Multiple ATMs and banks are available in this area. Healthcare facilities are also available, from Medical college hospitals to medical stores. You also get closeness to Mosques, there are more than one mosque available here.

There are trees and plantations available in almost whole Alam Bagh. There are many parks namely Veer Abdul Hamid Park, Railway Lines Park and SS Hall South Park.

It is a good locality buy a residential purpose property. You can also buy 500 to 700 sq. yards plots for residential purpose.