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Jamia Urdu

Jamia Urdu

Properties for sale are available in one of the main locations of Aligarh city. Residential purpose property just beside the medical road is available near Jamia Urdu Aligarh at reasonable price. The houses here are in good condition and are ready for sale. You can buy the property direct from owner, it will save you a good amount of money as you will save the commission of a middle men. Here on you can find your choice of property.

Area near Jamia Urdu is very valuable due to many services available here from medical centers to banks and educational institutions. The connectivity from Aligarh Muslim University is also good.

Muslim brothers can consider this place as there is a mosque name Safina Mosque, Apartments near the mosque and all type of basic amenities. If you are looking to purchase a house or a flat in a well developed locality of Aligarh then you should definitely consider this place.