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Columbia Public School/Colony

Columbia Public School

Buying plots for residential purpose can be a time-consuming and risky process but if the seller is trusted and the land is dispute free and have a clear title with registry mutation, then everything becomes easy.

Here you will find such plots at reasonable rates in Aligarh city. If you are looking for residential purpose plots in Aligarh where you get a peaceful environment with connectivity to markets, then the plots near Columbia Public School in Patwari ka Nagla are must see. There are many plots available according to your needs. From east facing plots to plots with boundary and one room constructed on the plots etc.

If your wish is to build a house or a duplex do-manzila ghar or an apartment, the plots in this area can fulfill your wish as the size of these plots are from 100 sq. yards to 500 sq. yards with good location.

The area can be a good option for our Muslim brothers due to the presence of Mosques, Qabristan, Public Schools, Colleges and Hospital. There are number of plots so there is no limitation in options, you can buy them on affordable rates as well on easy installments. The lands are also good for investment purpose due to well connectivity from Aligarh Muslim University.